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GFI provides logistics and freight services out of Southern Ontario. Our suite of services and expertise ensure that your products are delivered within Canada and across North America securely and efficiently.

Operational Logistics

The freight process begins with a comprehensive and efficient plan. Leveraging over 150 years of combined experience, our team helps you find the most efficient solution to transport your products across North America.

All our trucks feature the latest GPS tracking technology to ensure your products are safe and always accounted for.

Bonded Carrier

Bonded carriers can bring a load of goods past the port of entry into Canada to an authorized location without customs release.


We are fully accredited to transport your goods and products to and from the United States.

Local Delivery

Our logistics team can help you deliver your products quickly and efficiently within Ontario, and within all of Canada.

Refrigerated Trailers

Our temperature controlled trailers can be adjusted to maintain an internal trailer environment within a specific temperature range, related to the specific requirements of the products inside.

Our Reefer trailers do not simply ship refrigerated goods. They can also maintain a warm or moderate temperature. This allows us to ship materials or products that may be sensitive can be damaged if exposed to temperatures that are too cold or too hot. This enables Gavro to complete shipments in any type of climate.

Our Reefers often transport (but are not exclusive to):

  • Perishable food and beverages including produce, pastries and even flowers Medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Paint, chemicals or construction materials

GFI offers many specialized services using the most advanced shipment management technologies. That is why we focus on continuous training of our drivers and staff to deliver on-time freight.

Dry Van Freight

GFI uses the latest high performing models of trucks. We use both Freightliner and Volvo brand vehicles to provide scheduled FTL and express LTL services.

Our commitment to worry-free and on-time service is supported by our nearly 100 trucks and trailers. We employ over 50 experienced drivers, logistics professionals and support staff.

The GFI Team provides its clients with transportation solutions for regional, national and cross-border shipping.

Our Dry Van shipments are most commonly used to carry (but are not exclusive to):

  • Textile and clothing
  • Non-perishable foods and beverages
  • Plastics
  • Building materials
  • Automotive parts and accessories

Our FTL and LTL coverage in North America extends to every province and territory in Canada and the continental United States. For cross-border requirements, we have strong relationships in place with North American Transportation Authorities to facilitate the safe and secure transport of our clients’ goods. These government accredited programs include; FAST, PIP, CSA and C-TPAT.

Full Truck Load

Our team and fleet will help you deliver full truck loads as quickly as possible.

Specialty Loads

With top of the class logistics, Gavro can help you move virtually any product across North America.

Less Than Load

We can accommodate smaller shipments efficiently with a fleet of top of the line freight trucks.

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